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We are a mixed-billing practice

Dr Salehi, Dr Khani & Dr Haynes:

Consult Type Item NumberPractice FeeMedicare RebateOut of Pocket
Brief Consult3$33.00$18.95$14.05
Standard Consult23$80.00$41.40$38.60
Long Consult36$130.00$80.10$49.90
Prolonged Consult44$170.00$118.00$52.00
After Hours    
Standard Consult5020$95.00$53.90$41.10
Long Consult5040$145.00$92.45$52.55

Dr Salehi and Dr Khani bulk bill concession card holders and children 16 years and under.

Dr Haynes bulk bills children 16 years and under and provides a concession rate for concession card holders.

Dr Marcelo Silva:

Description  Item NumberPractice FeeMedicare RebateOut of Pocket
Standard Consult23$100.00$41.40$58.60
Long Consult36$150.00$80.10$69.90
Prolonged Consult44$190.00$118.00$72.00
After Hours     
Standard Consult5020 $125.00$53.90$71.10
Long Consult5040 $175.00$92.45$82.55

Karin Houriez:

Description  Item NumberPractice FeeMedicare RebateOut of Pocket
Standard Consult23 (15 min)$100.00$41.40$58.60
Long Consult36 (20 min)$160.00$80.10$79.90
Long Consult36 (25 min)$180.00$80.10$99.90
Long Consult36 (30 min)$200.00$80.10$119.90
Long Consult36 (35 min)$220.00$80.10$139.90
Prolonged Consult44$260.00$118.00$142.00
Initial Consult44$350.00$118.00$232.00

Please note there is no bulk billing available on Saturdays.

For further information please enquiry with our friendly reception staff

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