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Women's health

Here at Mudgeeraba Family Medical Centre, we understand the importance of women's health at all stages of life and have dedicated Doctors who offer a range of women's health consultations including:

  • Antenatal and Postnatal Care
  • Breast Examinations
  • Contraception (including Implanon insertion and removal)
  • Cervical Screening
  • Family Planning
  • Fertility Advice
  • Menopause Advice
  • Mental Health
  • Pregnancy Planning
  • Sexual Health Screening (STI Checks)
  • Skin Checks
  • Weight Management

Our Doctors are also supported by a large network of specialist that they can refer onto.


Pap smear or HPV test

What is the difference between a pap smear and a HPV test?

HPV stands for Human Papillomavirus which is the main cause of cervical cancer.

In a traditional pap smear test we used to look for abnormal or cancer cells in the cervix, while
the new cervical screening test looks for HPV infection.

The new HPV test can identify women who could be at risk of cancer earlier than Pap smear test can, which means it only needs to be done once every five years if the results are normal.

The starting age of HPV testing is 25 years of age, rather than 18-20 in traditional method.