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At our clinic, we provide excellent pediatric care to children with acute or chronic health conditions.

We also provide preventative health to keep children healthy.

Our doctors provide comprehensive health care to all children from all age groups. The health of your child is of great importance to us

Children are more vulnerable than adults to environment and they catch diseases and medical conditions that could be different from adults

infections, specially viral infections are very common in children and infants.



Flu injection
Children from age 6 month can have a flu injection

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All children with a health condition that puts them at greater risk from flu should have a flu vaccination every year from the age of 6 months onwards
Children aged from six months to under five years of age will be offered free influenza shots
The flu shot will reduce your child’s risk of influenza (flu), minimise the spread of flu and protect vulnerable groups including babies too young to receive the vaccine, those medically at risk and those with weakened immune systems